Review: Singing Day with Bob Chilcott: 11th September 2021

Our Singing Day with Bob Chilcott – was a remarkable, joyous, uplifting, rewarding, and thoroughly marvellous day.

We sold out of our 100 (covid-safe venue capacity) tickets, with a large proportion being to singers and members of other choirs on the Island, and further afield – such is the appeal of the accomplished, much admired and one of the nations most prominent choral composers, Bob Chilcott.

It was a huge privilege for us all, to be given a master-class in choral singing, by such a warm, infectiously enthusiastic, insightful and encouraging maestro.

After some initial vocal exercises, which informed Bob of the capabilities of our voices, (slightly rusty after the last 18 months) as much as warming them up, we commenced with Songs my Heart has Taught Me.

As Bob’s most recent composition, we were thrilled to be one of the first groups to rehearse it, not least with such bespoke coaching.

Bob’s leadership and direction alternated between practising and polishing – guiding us through more challenging passages, and providing us with insights into the tone, symbolism and resonance of the wording and note composition.

Throughout the rest of the day, we also worked on Bob’s famous The Lily and The Rose, and the first movement from his Aesop’s Fables, with charming anecdotes of Bob’s times as a singer, composer and musical director, throughout his full and varied years of experience.

We rounded off, with a mini-concert to ourselves, of all the pieces on which we had progressed during the day…singing our hearts out until the end.

Bob Chilcott is a fabulous all-rounder, with great flair and taste – a quintessential National Treasure – and we loved, and are very appreciative, that he spent the day with us, here on the Isle of Wight.

Post Event Messages: Singing Day with Bob Chilcott: 11th September 2021

Post Event Thank You Message:

Enormous thanks to Bob Chilcott and all participants for a wonderful Singing Day yesterday. 

It was an absolutely super day, to all join together, and be guided with such inspiration, encouragement and insight from Bob, in singing some of his most uplifting pieces: The Lily and the Rose and his stunningly beautiful and resounding new work: Songs My Heart Has Taught Me. 

A truly lovely and rewarding day. 

Thank you to everyone, for your time, efforts and voices. 

To Richard Wilkins our accompanist, for, as always, being utterly awesome.

And to the excellent team at the venue: St Catherine’s Church, Ventnor, whose support was tireless and unstinting, and whose refreshment service was outstanding.

Message from Bob Chilcott:

Singing Day with Bob Chilcott: 11th September 2021

Credit to: Chris Peacock at The Sign Company Ltd

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Singing Day Repertoire

Songs my Heart has Taught Me

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The Lily and the Rose

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Bob Chilcott with our Musical Director Rachel Tweddle (Sept 2019)