Sad Announcement: Passing of Dennis Wickens – Past Choir Conductor

It is with great sadness that we report the recent death of Dennis Wickens, aged 94 years.

Although recently residing in Oxfordshire, he was previously the Isle of Wight’s County Music Adviser, and also Conductor of Isle of Wight Cantata Choir from 1967 to 1976.

Our thoughts are with his wife, family and friends.

August 2020 Update: Awaiting Guidance For Amateur Choirs

Although the choir is currently on Summer Break (Jul-Sep), our Musical Director, Chairman & Committee continue to closely follow the various public discussions regarding the current concerns of group singing – specifically for non-professional choirs, as we are.

We will continue to keep up to date and assess any potential for our choir to return to some form of collective singing together, whenever it may be deemed feasible.

Choral groups with fewer members may be able to return to singing together much sooner than is possible for our choir.

If and when any future guidance is announced/published – please bear with us, as we consider the detail of the guidelines, review the potential of the various options and assess how they may be realistic and feasible for us.

As soon as there is any further development indicating a return to rehearsals:

  • Members will receive an email Newsletter
  • Our website ‘Rehearsals’ tab will be updated
  • We will cascade information via our Facebook and Twitter accounts