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Your Support

Regular concert audience attendance is essential to creating the right atmosphere and encouraging our endeavours.

Your loyal and generous support is invaluable to us, as we do not receive any official funding, or grant of any kind, from any local or national bodies.

Your contribution assists us in maintaining a consistently high standard of performance at our concerts and ensures our continued success as one of the largest and most established choirs on the Isle of Wight.

Your support and generosity enables us to produce two concerts each year, with an additional full Christmas concert in alternate years – accompanied by Isle of Wight Symphony Orchestra musicians, professional vocal soloists, and performed in superb venues.

Audience Testimonials

Thank you for a wonderful  and impressive evening of music. Absolutely stupendous. What a colossal effort from everyone involved – so much time, energy, good will, commitment and of course  talent – all coming together like that – you must all be floating !! Thanks again for such an enjoyable night out. “