Next Rehearsal

On 19th July, the Government Roadmap for lifting lockdown, moved to Step 4 – allowing choirs to return to indoor activities & rehearsals, without the restrictions that existed previously.

Therefore, in advance of our normal September start of term, we are holding two additional ‘rehearsals’ on 9th & 23rd August.

The venue is: Newport Minster Parish Centre, 6 Town Lane, Newport PO30 1JU

We are completing the necessary assessments required for our choir to safely restart.

It may be, that rehearsals are carried out in a different format to how they were previously, or to how you may expect.

Thank you for your understanding, continued enthusiasm for choral singing and commitment to Isle of Wight Cantata Choir.

We are looking forward to seeing you and singing together soon.

Risk Assessment Guidelines For Covid Secure Rehearsals

Please see the Rehearsal Schedule below for further rehearsal dates.

Face Coverings & Singing

We strive to be an inclusive choir. We share and provide information, to enable members to make their own choices.

The following information has been put together by Making Music; the UK’s largest leisure-time music network, representing 3,500 member groups & 200,000 music makers across the UK, dedicated to empowering everyone, whatever their background or experience, to come together in their community, to make music.

The information does not indicate a stipulation or requirement for singing with Isle of Wight Cantata Choir.

It is simply…for anyone wondering about the topic, for anyone who may find it helpful, for anyone considering how they may feel more comfortable in starting with, or returning to, choral singing, during this current time…for anyone seeking available products .

‘Face coverings have become part of everyday life and, even as restrictions ease, are likely to continue to be used in many settings, for a while.

The Government’s ‘Suggested principles of safer singing’ Guidance makes clear that “wearing face coverings reduces the mass of aerosol expelled when singing”. But it also says we do not have evidence for: “the degree to which wearing face coverings during singing reduces transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19”.

It is understandable to wonder: Should I consider wearing a face covering?  Why shouldn’t I wear one? , etc, etc.

It is considered that a range of measures reduces risk. Therefore, in addition to adequate ventilation and maintaining personal space – wearing a face covering while singing can be a practical measure, that can reduce the risk of spreading viruses in general (Covid-19, Norovirus, Flu, etc) and can enable singing in rehearsals to be as safe as practically possible.

There is no doubt, that it is not ideal to sing in a mask, but it is possible – and it will reduce risk.

Masks that are designed specifically for singing, are available. Making Music, in collaboration with the Association of British Choral Directors has collated the following list:’

Rehearsal Schedule 2021

August:  9th,  23rd

September:  6th,  13th,  20th,  27th

October:  4th,  11th,

November:  1st,  8th,  15th,  22nd,  29th

December:  6th,  13th,  20th


January:  10th,  17th,  24th,  31st

Rehearsal Information & Preparation:

Autumn Concert 2021

All practice material is intended to be supplementary to the musical direction received in rehearsals from our Musical Director

Requiem: Gabriel Faure

Version: Novello: Desmond Ratcliffe: 1993


Practice Audio Support: Choraline / Presto Music (10% discount code: IOW)

Practice Audio Support: YouTube

Practice Audio Support: Choralia  

Practice Audio Support: ChordPerfect on You Tube (with on-screen notes & words)


Part 1: Soprano         Part 2: Soprano       Part 3: Soprano      

Part 5: Soprano        Part 6: Soprano        Part 7: Soprano 


Part 1: Alto        Part 2: Alto       Part 3: Alto

Part 5: Alto       Part 6: Alto        Part 7: Alto



Part 1: 1st Tenor        Part 2: 1st Tenor       Part 3: 1st Tenor

Part 5: 1st Tenor        Part 6: 1st Tenor       Part 7: 1st Tenor


2nd TENOR  

Part 1: 2nd Tenor       Part 2: 2nd Tenor       Part 3: 2nd Tenor 

Part 5: 2nd Tenor      Part 6: 2nd Tenor       Part 7: 2nd Tenor


1st BASS

Part 1: 1st Bass        Part 2: 1st Bass       Part 3: 1st Bass

Part 5: 1st Bass       Part 6: 1st Bass       Part 7: 1st Bass


2nd BASS

Part 1: 2nd Bass        Part 2: 2nd Bass       Part 3: 2nd Bass

Part 5: 2nd Bass       Part 6: 2nd Bass       Part 7: 2nd Bass 

Cantique de Jean Racine: Gabriel Faure

Version: Novello: Desmond Ratcliffe: 1993

Practice Audio Support: YouTube

Practice Audio Support: Choralia

Practice Audio Support: ChordPerfect on You Tube (with on-screen notes & words):


Messe Basse: Gabriel Faure

Version: tbc 

Practice Audio Support: tbc 

Rehearsal Information & Preparation:

Spring Concert 2022

All practice material is intended to be supplementary to the musical direction received in rehearsals from our Musical Director

Carmina Burana: Carl Orff

Version: Schott 1996

Information Document: Information Document Carmina Burana

Text Translation Document: Carmina Burana Translation

Pronunciation Guidance Document: Carmina Burana Pronunciation

Audio Pronunciation Guide: Carmina Burana Audio Pronunciation 

Practice Audio Support: Choralia

Practice Audio Support: John Fletcher Rehearsal Files  

Practice Audio Support: ChoraLine/Presto Music (10% discount code: IOW)

Lux Aurumque: Eric Whitacre

Information Document: Lux Aurumque & The Seal Lullaby

Practice Audio Support: YouTube (with onscreen notes & words)

Soprano 1        Soprano 2

Alto 1       Alto 2

Tenor 1       Tenor 2

Bass 1       Bass 2 

Seal Lullaby: Eric Whitacre

Practice Support: YouTube

Practice Audio Support: YouTube (with on screen notes & words)