Rehearsal Schedule


7.30pm – 9.15pm

November:  6th,  13th,  18th,  20th,  27th

December:  4th,  10th,  11th


January:  8th,  15th,  22nd,  29th

February:  5th,  19th,  26th

March:  4th,  11th,  18th,  25th

April:  8th,  12th,  13th, 15th,  22nd,  29th

May:  13th,  20th

June:  3rd,  10th,  17th,  24th

Rehearsal Preparation & Support

Christmas 2023 Concert: 10th December 2023

All practice material is intended to be supplementary to the musical direction received in rehearsals from our Musical Director.

Programme of Music: Quick Reference Insert For Choir Music Folders

Practice Support: Musical Direction Notes From Rehearsal

On Christmas Night: Bob Chilcott

Version: Oxford University Press: 2011

Composer Profile & Programme Notes: Bob Chilcott – On Christmas Night

Rehearsal Practice Support: All Voice Parts: Bob Chilcott & The Oxford Choir

This Is The Truth (I)

Adam Lay Ybounden

A Spotless Rose

The Cherry Tree Carol

O Little Town

Sweet Was The Song

Rejoice And Be Merry

This Is The Truth (II)

Rehearsal Practice Support: Individual Voice Part: West London Choir

Rehearsal Practice Support: Individual Voice Part: Choralia

Please Note: The playback speed of You Tube videos can be increased/decreased, as you require:
– Once the audio video is playing, move your cursor over the main section of the screen (the video window playing the music).
– A horizontal toolbar will appear along the bottom of this video window (you will see the play, pause, volume icons, etc to the left side).
– At the right-middle end of this horizontal toolbar, click on the cog-wheel (settings) icon.
– A pop-up box appears, with ‘Playback Speed’ as the middle option.
– The default is set at Normal. Click on the small arrow symbol to the right of the word ‘Normal’, to reveal a vertical option list and select a slower (or faster!) speed.