Concert: 13th April 2024: L’Estrange & Todd


 Spring Concert 2024

Time & Date: 7.30pm  Saturday 13th April 2024

Venue: Medina Theatre, Fairlee Road, Newport PO30 2EW

Zimbe!    Alexander L’Estrange

Songs Of Peace    Will Todd

Concert Poster

Composer Profile: Alexander L’Estrange  

Programme Notes: Zimbe!

Composer Profile: Will Todd

Programme Notes: Songs of Peace

Tickets: £15  (Under 18’s £5)  plus venue booking fee

Our Spring 2024 Concert

is an uplifting, joyful and beautiful programme

of two full works, from highly-acclaimed British composers. 

‘Zimbe!’ by Alexander L’Estrange, is a vibrant fusion of African song and jazz

– which took the world by storm when it was first released. 

Its vibrant beats and beautiful melodies and rhythms,

reflect the spirited, energetic and simple way that is typical of the African song tradition; 

particularly the various ways 

in which music plays a part in everyday life in that vast continent: 

‘music imitates life and life inspires music’.

The excitement, verve and energy of Zimbe! are all distinctly African;

touching the emotions and providing a perfect buzz of happiness

at any time of year.

In complimentary contrast is Will Todd’s ‘Songs of Peace’

written in memory of love and loss.

It is a ‘life affirming’ piece,

characterised by memorable melodies and powerful personal texts.

A truly wonderful programme not to be missed.