Concert: 7th October 2023: Bernstein & Ramirez


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Autumn Concert 2023

Time & Date: 7.30pm  Saturday 7th October 2023

Venue: Medina Theatre, Fairlee Road, Newport PO30 2EW

Misa Criolla:    Ariel Ramirez

West Side Story Choral Selection:    Leonard Bernstein

Chichester Psalms:    Leonard Bernstein  


Poster: Autumn 2023 Concert

Composer Profile & Programme Notes: Leonard Bernstein: West Side Story & Chichester Psalms

Composer Profile & Programme Notes: Ariel Ramirez: Misa Criolla 

Soloist Profile: Noah Hemmings

Tickets: Adult: £15    Under 18: £5    plus venue booking fee

Our Autumn 2023 Concert is a beautiful, rousing, joyous and uplifting programme of Classical Greats from the 1960’s.   

Ariel Ramirez’s ‘Misa Criolla’: with its vibrant accompaniment celebrates the uplifting beats and beautiful melodies and rhythms of Argentinian Folk Music; combining sacred mass with the deeply-rooted musical rituals and dances of Latin America.  

Leonard Bernstein’s ‘West Side Story Choral Selection’: displays the rhythmic colours of Puerto Rican culture jostling against the jazz of modern New York, in favourites such as – ‘I Feel Pretty’, ‘America’ and ‘Maria’.  

And, Bernstein’s ‘Chichester Psalms’ is altogether life-affirming and hopeful, with its combination of Hebrew and Christian choral tradition, and bright, energetic, yet accessible style.  

As a celebration of musical and cultural traditions from around the world – there is something for everyone.