Press Release – 14th March 2015 Concert: Mozart & Haydn


Choir’s showcase for young singers

The Isle of Wight Cantata Choir is giving its next concert next Saturday, March 14, at 7.30 pm in Medina Theatre.

The works to be performed are Mozart’s Coronation Mass, three motets by C. V. Stanford and Haydn’s Te Deum.

The motets will be sung unaccompanied, creating quite a challenge for the choir of about 100 singers.

The other two works will be accompanied by a full orchestra.

In a move to encourage young people to develop an interest in classical music, the choir’s musical director Rachel Tweddle has sought out four young up-and-coming soloists to sing in this concert.

Mezzo-soprano Camilla Bull and tenor Christopher Hann are both Island born and bred and were pupils of Rachel’s before moving to the mainland and embarking on musical careers.

The other two soloists are soprano Jessica Broad and bass Robert Garland.

All four of these singers have already built quite a reputation.

by IW County Press,  Saturday March 7, 2015